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SWRIP v1.0.1 (1.35 Megs) Revised release which removes all known bugs.

NOTE: v1.0.1 Updated 6/5/04 to be compatible with cygwin.
Read the swripwin.txt file in the doc folder for more info!

SWRIP v2.0.0 (1.55 Megs) Latest release ( 7-31-04 )  Last modified ( 5-17-10 )

- Includes fully operational module system and a virtual ( player built ) ship system using string templates, as well as #define-optional MCCP2 support.

License to use and modify the SWRiP codebase is included in each codebase.
Terms are the same, credit is extended in V2.0.0.



ANSI Greeting New comm.c code for an ANSI greeting. This is optional, so you can turn it on or off via a #define if needed.  Unfortunately, this was written for the 1.0.1 release, so it is not plug and play for 2.0.



SWRIP Forum Forum for the SWRIP Codebase.  Includes some guides as well as a place to ask questions.

About SW:RIP: Star Wars: Rise in Power first opened for beta in May of 1999. In August of that year, it opened its doors to the public, and remained up and growing until the summer of 2001, after which the staff was removed ( Although SW:RIP remained up and open to the public for several months thereafter ). It was 'reopened' and, after having re-gained most of the original staff, Star Wars: Rise in Power was running with one of the most stable SWR codebases out there. It was shut down in July 2004 for the last time after continued lack of interest from the staff.